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Residents of Durgapur may soon get cooking gas via pipeline

Durgapur: Booking a cooking gas cylinder for domestic use is really one hell of a time consuming and hectic process.

Indian Oil (Indane) will soon supply cooking gas in a new and more cost effective way to the residents of Durgapur as well as Paschim Bardhaman.

According to Indian Oil, the concept of gas cylinder for domestic usage will be abolished soon as they have decided to distribute cooking gas to the houses of every residents of Paschim Bardhaman via pipeline.

A meter will be set on every houses and according to the reading of the meter, consumers have to pay the bills.

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Many consumers all across the district frequently complaint about the delivery of cylinders not being done on time, and also on delivery of cylinders, they are not same as the mentioned weight.

When the new system of supplying cooking gas will kick in, there will be very least probability for lodging complaints by consumers.

The pipeline of Natural gas is being extended from Jagdishpur, Uttar Pradesh to Haldia. Via the branches and sub branches from the main pipeline, the gas will be distributed to each houses.

The project will be completed entirely probably in next few months.

From the very next year, it can be assumed that, gas for domestic usage will be distributed through pipelines

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