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Govt increase stake andal airport

West Bengal govt increases stake in Andal Airport

The role of the state government in the management of Andal’s Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport has increased recently.

The state has increased its stake in the project to about 47.43 percent.

As a result, it will help in the management of the airport, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday at an administrative program in Raniganj .

According to previous media reports, the Land acquisition for Andal Airport took place during the CPIM period. In the initial times, the state government’s stake in the project was only 11 percent.

Later in 2018, the state government invested another 270 crore to increase the stake to 26 percent.

On Tuesday, state chief secretary Alapan Banerjee said the state’s stake in the project had risen to 47.43 per cent after the state government reinvested.

Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said that the Andal Airport may soon become an alternative to Dumdum Airport.

She also added, “In the coming days, Andal Airport may become like Dumdum Airport. Andal Airport will one day become a very important international airport. Communication with different parts of the world will be established from Andal Airport.”

According to sources, a committee headed by the Chief Secretary of the state has been constituted with representatives of the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation and the non-governmental organization (BAPL), who responsible for the construction of the airport.

This committee was formed to speed up the development process of the airport. The Chief Secretary has been made its chairman.

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