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Durgapur cyber branch

Durgapur to get its own Cyber Crime police station – Location and other details

Durgapur: Soon residents of Durgapur will be getting their own Cyber Crime police station, according to sources.

Currently, there is only one Cyber Crime police station in the Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate, which is located in Asansol. This means that if anyone wants to report cybercrime, he/she had to report it in Asansol only.

Recently there is a huge increase in the number of crimes related to the internet and phone calls. Keeping this situation in mind, the Asansol-Durgapur Police Commitionarate decided to open up a cybercrime branch in Durgapur as well, for the ease of the citizen.

This new branch of the Cybercrime department of the Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate is expected to be located in the Durgapur PS also known as the Aurobindo Police Station.

Location of Durgapur Cyber Crime Police Station:

Inside Women Police Station building, Durgapur Police Lines, Aurobindo Avenue, Durgapur- 713204

According to media reports, the police expect that this new branch in Durgapur will make it easier for the citizens to report crimes related to the Internet, Bank Frauds, ATM scams, and lots more.

Sometimes, as people have to travel all the way to Asansol to report cases, most of the victims ignore it and the cases didn’t even get registered. This makes it easier for criminals to target new victims.

If more and more cases get registered, more criminals will get caught, which in turn will reduce the rate of crime in the Asansol-Durgapur area.

This new branch of the Cyber crime department of the Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate will be inaugurated soon.

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