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durgpur cyclone video truth

Durgapur Cyclone Video Viral on Social media- Know the truth! Watch Video

Most of you must have seen the video that’s circulating on Whatsapp and other social media platforms of a whirlwind in the shape of a small cyclone.

It is often referred to as cyclone as is said to be seen in front of Hem Sheela Model School.

If you haven’t seen the video, we have attached the video below.

The video is actually of a phenomenon known as the “Dust Devil”. It was seen in front of Hem Sheela Model School in Durgapur on Friday morning.

According to Wikipedia, A dust devil is a strong, well-formed, and relatively short-lived whirlwind, ranging from small (half a meter wide and a few meters tall) to large (more than 10 meters wide and more than 1000 meters tall).

The primary vertical motion is upward. Dust devils are usually harmless, but can on rare occasions grow large enough to pose a threat to both people and property.

So the true fact is that the video is not that of a Cyclone but that of a “Dust Devil”.

Here is the video: