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Lockgate 30 durgapur barrage

Lockgate 30 of Durgapur Barrage damaged? – Know the truth

Durgapur: Durgapur recently recovered from a water crisis, which occurred when Durgapur Barrage was emptied out for the repair of lockgate number 31.

After a long wait of almost 7 days, the residents of Durgapur finally received water supply on Saturday morning after the repair work was completed on Thursday night.

But on Saturday morning again, a video of Gate number 30 of Durgapur Barrage has again created a situation of panic amongst the residents of Durgapur.

In the video, it was seen that Gate number 30 is also leaking from both sides almost similar to the way lockgate 31 on the morning of 31st October.

This video went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp. After seeing the video, the only question that is coming on people’s mind is, will the situation repeat again?

According to sources, the irrigation department has informed the media that there is nothing to worry about. The lockgates 20, and 21 are slightly lifted to let the excess water pass.

However, gate no.30 and 31 has not been lifted.

On Lockgate no.30, there was some leakage due to the corrosion of the rubber pads which is on the sides but it has now been fixed.

On lockgate no.31, the leakage might be due to the recent repair work and it is quite normal as stated by the irrigation department. So this is not something to worry about.

They have also informed the media that water has already been supplied to most of Durgapur and the water problem of the remaining areas of Durgapur will be fixed soon.

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