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Check wb train time tables

Time tables of many local and special trains are changing – Here’s how to get accurate info

Kolkata: The Eastern Railways have recently started a number of local/sub-urban and Special trains in West Bengal.

For the lack of passengers and some other reasons, many stoppages that were previously in the timetable of these trains, are currently not included in the revised list.

Due to this, the time taken by these trains to reach various stations and the destination have changed. This resulted in a lot of confusion among passengers.

There is also news of many passengers losing their trains because they were following the old time-table of these trains or some other timetable that they received on the internet.

As a step to end the confusion and to prevent the passengers from unnecessary trouble, the Eastern Railways have advised following their Official Website for updates regarding the time table.

They also recommended following the NTES app, which is the official app of the Indian Railways to get real-time updates.

The NTES App has multiple benefits, not just train timetables. Through this app, passengers will be able to get multiple services including the current status of the train and of the current station they are in.

In addition, through this app, passengers will be able to know what trains are available in the next few hours from a particular station to a specific destination.

Not only this, with the help of this app you will be able to know which train will be available in the next few.

Along with this, you will also get to know if any train is canceled or if there is any change in the train routes.

The Indian Railways think this will be highly beneficial in these times when there are frequent changes in the Time Tables and new trains are getting added.

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