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cmeri dgp disinfectant walkway

CMERI installs Disinfectant Walkway for full-body sanitization

To fight against COVID-19, CMERI(Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute), Durgapur has come up with a new device, which is a Disinfectant Walkway.

Researchers & Scientists of CMERI have installed this new sanitizing machine unit in front of the main entrance of its Durgapur Office.

They expect that the spread of Coronavirus can be prevented by the use of such innovative initiatives as well as the social distancing.

Visitors and office staff would be sprayed with sanitizers with the help of special chemical sensors while entering the office.

On getting a sanitizing spray for 20 seconds, any person would be disinfected for 14-16 hours.

The officers -in -charge predicts that the installment of these sanitizing units in front of the hospital entrances would be effective to check the spread of COVID-19.

Not only these, but the installment of these machines in any public place would also be highly helpful.

The roads and streets of Durgapur are being sanitized with the help of sanitizing vehicle tanks.

Sanitization of the CMERI campus was also done.

CMERI researchers have been successful in this new project and are hoping that this will be a major help for the people for Durgapur, Asansol and other nearby areas.

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