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Durgapur Barrage repair

Durgapur Barrage repair work not started yet – Traffic restrictions lifted

Durgapur: Yesterday on 1st November night, we published news that there will be some traffic restrictions on Durgapur Barrage on the 2nd of November based on the notice issued by the Bankura District Magistrate.

But today, on 2nd November morning, the restriction was lifted because the repair work has not been started yet.

According to the last updates we received on 2nd November, 12 PM, the setting up of sacks of sand to build the barricades and temporary path to the gate has not been completed.

The reason for this delay is because the level of water has still not gone down near the gates.

Yesterday, cranes were used to speed up the process of the construction of this temporary pathway, but still, it’s not completed yet.

The actual repair work of the lock-gate no.31 cannot start until this pathway is constructed completely.

According to news sources, the traffic restrictions will be implemented again when the actual repairing of the gate will start.

The Irrigation department administration have informed news channels that once the repair work starts, it will take about 12-14 hours.

After that, it will take another 12-14 hours to bring the water level back up and make the situation normal again.

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