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asansol intercity restart date

Sealdah – Asansol Intercity and 8 other Trains to restart soon

After the restoration of service of the Black Diamond Express and Agnibina Express along with few other special trains, the Eastern Railways have recently announced that they are soon going to restart operations of 9 more trains, including Asansol – Sealdah Intercity Express.


This trains are set to run on the existing time table until further notice.

List of Trains to be restarted by Eastern Railways

Train NameRestoration w.e.f.
02383 Sealdah – Asansol05.07.2021
02384 Asansol – Sealdah05.07.2021
03501 Haldia – Asansol05.07.2021
03502 Asansol – Haldia05.07.2021
03505 Digha – Asansol11.07.2021
03506 Asansol – Digha11.07.2021
03421 Nabadwip Dham – Malda Town06.07.2021
03422 Malda Town – Nabadwip Dham05.07.2021
03117 Kolkata – Lalgola06.07.2021
03118 Lalgola – Kolkata07.07.2021
03027 Howrah – Azimganj05.07.2021
03028 Azimganj – Howrah06.07.2021
03017 Howrah – Azimganj08.07.2021
03018 Azimganj – Howrah08.07.2021
02347 Howrah – Rampurhat08.07.2021
02348 Rampurhat – Howrah08.07.2021
03001 Howrah – Siuri08.07.2021
03002 Siuri – Howrah08.07.2021


The Eastern Railway also mentioned that everyone has to follow all the guidelines issued by the government strictly while travelling.

Booking for the trains through PRS counter and online website has already started.

Though the partial lockdown by the West Bengal government is already in effect, the government has given a number of relaxations.

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