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Solar eclipse durgapur view

[Video] Annular Solar Eclipse as seen from Durgapur West Bengal

Today, 21st June, the whole world witnessed a very rare astronomical event. The Annular Solar Eclipse.

The annular eclipse of the Sun is a very rare case. It is a case of the total solar eclipse where the Moon does not cover the Sun completely. 

Here one can see the Moon passing over the Sun and for a short period of time, see a ‘ring of fire’ in the sky. 

Most of you must have seen the solar eclipse that was seen from Durgapur from around 11AM and lasted till 2PM.

If you have missed it today, you would have to wait for another 37years to see a similar event.

But don’t worry, here is a video for you if you have missed it.

The video was captured at around 12:15 PM from A-Zone, Durgapur.

It was a partial eclipse. The upper right side of the sun was covered by the shadow of the moon.

“The Ring of Fire” was not visible from Durgapur.

Many places around the globe and part of North India witnessed the “Ring of Fire” and the complete solar eclipse.

Cover Photo Credits: Kushal Ghosh & Nairrith Banerjee

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