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147 jobs lost dsp

Protest at Durgapur Steel Plant as 147 workers lost their jobs

Durgapur: The lockdown, which started on 24th March had brought the country to a standstill. Due to the lockdown, many people all across the country lost their jobs, especially contractor workers. A similar case can be seen in Durgapur as well.

According to the sources, on 24th March 2020, 147 “Slug bank” workers lost their job in the Durgapur Steel Plant as the lockdown period started in India.

After being jobless for 3 months, all of them gathered together irrespective of their political background and formed a non-political “Save Slag Bank Contractor Workers Committee” in order to protest in front of the Durgapur Steel Plant.

The Slug Bank has been an important department in DSP.

The no. of slug bank workers has dropped from around 900 to 147 over the years.

After several medical fitness checks, the “slug bank” workers were given the status of “B-List workers” which is equivalent to permanent workers in the central govt-owned companies.

According to the sources, the working of the Slug Bank was stopped on 24th March, after the lockdown came into action.

The collective committee has raised demands that if the working of the Slug Bank has been stopped, the workers must be given some work in other departments of DSP.

On behalf of this collective committee, it is informed that until and unless a relevant step is taken the workers union will continue to protest and have requested other workers unions to join in.

They have started their protest from Thursday and will continue their protest for 7 days as of now.

These slug bank workers mold different iron materials from molten slug mush and also extract the useful ore from Boulder shaped Gangue.

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